How Many Hours in A Day Can I Wear A Waist Trainer?

How many hours in a day can I wear a waist trainer? is one question that is was always on the mind of every waist trainer user—especially new users.

In this article, we will talk about how many hours in a day you should wear your waist trainer to achieve the best results.

Factors That Determine how long you Can wear your Waist-trainer.

Personal Goals

Your goals / reasons for wearing waist trainers are essential in determining the number of hours you can wear one.

If your goal is weight loss, you may have to wear them for up to eight hours every day to start seeing results. 

Another goal may be to look snatched in a dress for an event. For this reason, you will have to prepare yourself to wear it for the number of hours you will be spending there. The same applies if you are wearing it for exercise.

Type of Waist trainers

The different types of waist trainers determine how long they can be worn.

  • Everyday Waist-trainers: Just as the name implies, are designed for daily use. They are usually made of latex and, when worn, immediately makes your waist look at least an inch smaller. They can be worn for up to 8 to 12 hours a day.
  • Steel Boned corsets: These are the first garments used for waist training. They date back hundreds of years. The corset gives a more dramatic cinch at the waist, taking off several inches from the waist and every other area it covers.

 The BillionCurves Steel boned Waist trainers are very comfortable with no discomforts and can be worn up to 8 hours a day. Click here to check out our different Steel boned Waist trainers perfectly made to fit your daily needs.

  • Workout Waist Trainers: They are specifically designed to enhance fat burn during workouts by generating more heat in the abdominal area. They are usually brightly colored and very popular on social media. If you are looking for the best workout Waist trainers for an effective result click here They can also be worn for up to 8 to 12 hours, depending on your schedule for the day. This Waist trainer can also be worn for any activities such as while performing house chores, running errands, etc. This aids in burning calories faster.


The number of hours you can wear a waist trainer in a day largely depends on your individual goals. It is recommended that you wear for not more than twelve hours in a day, to enable your body rest.

For new waist trainer users, at least up to 3 hours each day is recommended until your body gets used to wearing one for more extended periods.

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