About Us

BillionCurves is an online store focused on creating better solution to provide comfortable high quality Waist trainers and Gym Apparels.

As a new Mom, trying to get back into shape has been a big goal for me and i like waist training. Searching for a good comfortable waist trainer has been very challenging, at some point it became frustrating as i couldn't find Waist trainers that provided good body support and targeting body fats in the right areas. I need waist trainers for everyday wear and exercise.This led to deep research and trials to find the best shapewear and i can guarantee this waist trainers have been tested and trusted. I lost 3 inches off my Waist line within one week of use. This is what motivated me to help other new moms and women struggling to get back in shape. 


Billioncurves is the true answer to Waist trainers that actually works. This Waist Trainers were specifically designed to enhance and provide an instant hourglass figure. Each of our products provides solution for all waist training needs.

Our Waist trainers are:

  • Very comfortable to wear all day
  • Very soft on the inside which provides great comfort
  • Helps burn fat and provide an hourglass look instantly
  • Does not reveal under any clothing
  • Does not roll while sitting, standing or performing any activities

Our goal is to make every woman of all sizes to feel confident, look curvy while meeting their body goals. We promise to continue to provide 100% high quality products and we appreciate your support for our business.